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Strategy Consulting Services;
The Turkish market is particularly rich and complex, the introduction of a new product requires careful strategic planning built on industry-specific knowledge. Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy shadows the company in all phases of the strategic planning process;

·         Strategy to enter the Turkish market

·         Feasibility analysis

·         Evaluation of the product catalog

·         Product Strategy

·         Price strategy

·         Distribution strategy

·         Construction sales network

A set of essential information for the correct positioning of a new product on the market which pays great attention to Return on Investments.

Operational Consultancy;
Product Testing and Registration: Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy offers the possibility to realize careful cultivation/screening tests designed for an optimal evaluation of each variety and/or active ingredient. One factor in the excellence of Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy is in the constant update on the progress of each phase of the testing process (transplant and/or application and/or treatment, the first few months of cultivation, ripening) through a constant and a detailed photographic documentation and reports.

Legal and Bureaucratic:
An accurate and timely advice on the Turkish and European Community horticultural sector regulations and the bureaucracy needed for new recordings.

·         Consulting on specific sector legislation. (e.g. labeling envelopes/ Passport)

·         Assistance in obtaining license, passports and phytosanitary certificates, etc.

·         Presentation of the documentation required for registration of varieties and /or Molecules to the Turkish Database.

·         Assistance for obtaining specific permissions (e.g. import clearings from abroad countries, provisional sales authorizations, authorization for the importation of experimental material, authorization for the sale of the material being recorded).

Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy supports the company in defining and implementing the communication strategy.

Graphic Design: Study and implementation of; brand/logo, guidelines, corporate identity, packaging, leaflets, brochures, folders, merchandising, stands design for trade fairs.

Communication campaigns: Design and implementation of campaigns on both traditional channels such as magazines, billboards, local TV and radio, as well as new media (Internet).

Direct Marketing: Creation and management of email marketing campaigns and newsletters (possibility to use a database with over 5000 qualified leads)

Press: Direct contacts with the heads of major publications in the field and management of media relations.

Campaigns Nationalization: Managing the process of modification and adaptation of any company international campaigns for the Turkish market.

Commercial assessment:
Verification of potential commercial operators in the sector.

Professional travel organization in the areas of greatest interest: The complexity and the specificities of different areas or specific business needs make it necessary at times specific surveys. Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy is able to arrange complete packages of hits while maintaining the highest attention to efficiency in timing and costs.

Marketing Research;
Accurate and timely analysis of the market is the basis for the success of an investment. Market Research are set by Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy on the specific needs of the company by identifying the parameters to be analyzed and the various levels of detail.

Specifically, the identification of:

·         Trends

·         Areas evaluation

·         Reference areas

·         Similar Varieties and/or molecules already on site

·         Leading Products

·         Competitors Behavior

·         Strengths and weaknesses of the product in question

·         Market positioning

·         Market prices

·         Critical parameters to the success of the product

·         Commercial partners

·         Suitable dealers for distribution

·         More effective or in vogue communications Tools and actions

Fundamental and essential points of each investment in the sector are in the area and in the identification of appropriate partners to that specific product parameters that only direct knowledge of the market built on years of activity may dominate.

Research areas of interest in the field: The Turkish territory is vast and varied in terms of horticultural crops. Our experience and knowledge of various production companies allows us to identify the most appropriate area of cultivation for the crop in question.

Finding the area of greatest interest to the specific crop can considerably shorten the time of introduction of a new variety and/or product.

Turkish companies commercial skills evaluation: Our continuous activities and in-depth analysis allow us to provide a complete picture of the market presence of potential partners, their organizational structure, reliability, network sales presence in the territory of reference of the leading products . More generally, the constant updating of our horticulture Turkish partners database allows us to evaluate the most appropriate production and marketing needs of our customers.

Commercialization: Our Turkish sales network knowledge present on the most important area in Turkey, it will make it easy to distribute your products under the brands that it will be chosen.

Sakip ALTUNLU Mob: +90 532 231 5596