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Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy is a specialised consultancy company for the Hybrid Seed Business and Agrochemical Business Companies who wants to operate in Turkish market.

We offers an innovative and qualified services to the seed and agrochemical companies from all over the world, aim to introduce one or more products to the Turkish market.

With more than 25 years of experience allows Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy to verify the real opportunities to enter the market and provide valuable strategic and operational support for a constant search for understanding the dynamics of the industry, the various players in the market, various products, as well as development trends,

Sakip ALTUNLU Consultancy strives to optimize costs and minimize the timing of all processes in the seed and agrochemical sector in two aspects that are very crucial.

In Hybrid Seed Business or Agrochemical Business, It is a complex process to get a product approved. As an example for Agrochemical Business, It requires experimental work and assessment of the effect of the products on target weeds, insect pests or diseases and assessment of side effects on humans and the environment.

Product development, participation in development projects and development of product strategies are significant elements in the field of work. A development project goes on for several years from idea to marketing and sales, and inventiveness and creativity combined with thorough financial assessment is a condition for success.

Supply Chain consists of sourcing, planning, procurement and customer service. We can do administrative functions also if necessary, so we can offer a wide range of interesting opportunities also with international contacts with regional countries.

Agreement of Independence and confidentiality guaranteed is possible.;
Short term and Medium term or project base assignments; in the region where I live or outside of the region where I live, Long term assignments; in the region where I live is possible.

Sakip ALTUNLU Mob: +90 532 231 5596